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Need Pest Control Service?

What Bird Proofing Strategies Can You Use?

If pest birds start getting attracted to your property, especially your roof, it already spells out problems to you. Birds’ presence can actually cause having bird poop, litter and bird mites which can also lead to more serious problems as they could carry diseases that could kill humans.

As you attempt to control birds on your own, it is always recommended that we get bird proofing services from trained specialists so we are guaranteed that things we do are not harming other animals, the environment, or other people. 

Why You Should Get Bird Proofing?

With a properly installed bird proofing, nesting materials and bird droppings can be prevented from damaging the structure of your house or building. This will also ensure that air conditioning and water units will function properly without the additional cost for repairing or replacing them due to the hazardous and damaging bird materials used during bird control.

You should also realize that bird droppings, apart from being unpleasant to look at and sometimes carry foul smell, could also contaminate where they land, including drinking fountains, grass areas, etc. and could transmit diseases that are harmful to humans. 

Jay Jay Pest Control Services have trained and licensed pest specialists who can do proper bird proofing in your area. Call us on 0407 065 413.

Can birds damage solar panels?

Yes. Hundred to thousand dollars of damage to solar panels are caused by birds nesting under it. Once the birds build their nest under solar panels, it can easily attract other pests like rodents.

Not only that, these pests sitting under solar panels can cause electrical wiring shortage which may lead to rooftop fires.

Is there any maintenance on solar panels?

Solar panels are durable which can last 25-30 years with proper solar panel maintenance. Some say that cleaning it with water and a leaf blower is enough but I suggest to call the expert because it might cause a bigger problem if it is not properly handled.

Keeping it clean will help solar panels produce the right amount of energy effectively. But when pest birds start to nest under your solar panels, it could create more problems and will potentially damage your panels. 

How often do I need to clean my solar panels?

Panels that are more exposed to sunlight can produce much more energy. So it is important to have it clean regularly. Bird litter, nesting materials, and bird poop are also necessary to be removed properly. So cleaning your solar panel at least every 6 months can increase its effectiveness.

Actually, having a record on your energy output before and after cleaning your panels can motivate you to have it clean more often. But keep in mind that you should call an expert to seek help so you won’t cause damage on your panels. Besides, cleaning solar panels installed on your roof can be dangerous if you’re not wearing the appropriate gears.

In Jay Jay Pest Control Services, we guarantee that our team is equipped with the right safety gears and trained to do proper solar panel maintenance. You can contact us on 0407 065 423. 

Can bird netting be dangerous?

You could have read from somewhere that to control birds, one of your choices can be bird netting. 

Others say that netting is killing our wildlife. As much as we want to protect our family from the diseases that birds can bring to us or the damage it can cause in our pipes, walls and many more, we also wanted to protect our visiting birds and not necessarily kill them. 

In some cases birds get tangled in nets which can be avoided if it is properly designed and installed in the area. It is important to seek help from the experts in getting things done. 

Is bird netting effective?

The most effective and permanent solution for preventing the birds from sitting or nesting from desired areas is netting. A high quality netting is installed to provide a long term solution. Issues in bird netting can only occur if it is not properly installed. If this happens, the birds can still land on the area but can be trapped inside.

But if you’re someone who doesn’t want to just shoo visiting birds away…

And you want to actually feed the birds, you can put a bird feeder for them to have a safe place in your yard. 

Where should you place a bird feeder?

Bird feeders are best to hang on a safe place where visiting birds are free from predators. It must be hung on an eye level or a little bit higher. So it is good to check if your feeder is far from the reach of cats and no rodents can jump off on it. Also consider that the visiting birds usually come back to your feeder if they feel safe. 

If you are planning to put a bird feeder, make sure that it is far from where you installed bird proofing which is commonly in your roof. Although you want to treat visiting birds well, make sure they won’t cause bigger problems for you later on especially when you want to control the presence of pest birds in your surroundings.

For effective bird control, you can consult with our team. Give us a call on 0407 065 413.

Are bird feeders bad?

There are reasons why there are some who don’t want to have a bird feeder in their yard. 
  • Feeders require regular maintenance. You make sure feeders are clean and could not cause harm to visiting birds.  
  • Unwanted visitors. We all know that, not only birds can be attracted to a free meal in a feeder but also other creatures like mice, cats, rats and many more. For sure you don’t want them to come into your yard uninvited. So you would prefer not to have a feeder at all. 
  • Feeders are messy. None of us can control the way birds eat their meals. Some seeds may grow and turn into unwanted weeds and have an unpleasant smell.
  • Makes too much noise. Having a free meal can attract a flock of birds. They can disturb you early in the morning or even late at night.
  • Can cause harm to birds. There are natural foods out there which birds should eat which mother nature produces for them. If you keep on feeding visiting birds with processed seeds, they might tend to depend on it. Sometimes out of carelessness, birds eat food that is harmful to them like bread, chocolates and many more.

In spite of all these, it doesn’t mean you can’t feed the birds. You just have to be extra careful. 

How do you keep birds away?

If you don’t want to trouble yourself with the presence of birds in your yard, then scratch the idea of having bird feeders at all. The best thing to do is to keep your yard, roof, the area under your solar panel, and other potential nesting spots regularly clean so you won’t be attracting pest birds.

Take note that with the right bird proofing strategy used, you can save yourself from bigger problems and remove the added costs for repair or replacement. Plus, you can keep your family safe from dangerous diseases carried by these pests.

Bird proof your place now with a reliable team near you. Contact Jay Jay Pest Control Services on 0407 065 413. 

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