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Termites pose a huge (and often silent) threat as these destructive pests creep into the structural timbers of your home, poles and fences. Termite infestation usually goes unnoticed until it gets worse, and could potentially cost you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for the repair as insurance companies do not cover termite damage.

Before it’s too late, protect your home and prevent termites from invading your space.

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Termite Inspection

Thermal Imaging

Jay Jay Pest Control Services is among the few pest control companies that offers state-of-the-art technology for termite detection – thermal imaging. Considered to be the most reliable tool presently available for termite detection, thermal imaging makes the job easier and more accurate, leaving a smaller chance for termite infestation to go unnoticed.  With this technology, our thermal camera registers the heat radiated by the presence of termites.  
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Visual Inspections

As a cheaper alternative to thermal inspections, Jay Jay Pest Control Services offers visual inspections to detect termite infestation. Although these do not yield the same level of accuracy as thermal inspections, this is still considered a good choice than simply ignoring the possible presence of termites in your home. Remember, a visual inspection is way better than having no inspection at all.

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An annual termite inspection is what most property owners should do as the bare minimum maintenance on their property in order to protect their property against potential termite attacks. Termite inspection will notify the property owner of any area that could attract termites and enable them to know an early stage of termite entry points. The advantage of this allows the pest control company and the owner to take quick action hence, saving such person from potential property damage. Termite experts will also be able to determine if your property is vulnerable to termites and will recommend different strategies that will prevent termite attack.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) is an Independent Australian Federal Government Agency responsible for scientific researches. They recommend annual termite inspection since a large number of homes on Mainland Australia are prone to termite infestation.
The best way of preventing such an attack is through a thorough annual termite inspection by Termite Busters. Our pest control experts inspect properties to know the areas prone to termite infestation and recommend ways of preventing or solving any termite problem.

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Why you should choose Termite Busters’ Termite Inspection Service

Our team of licensed specialists is experienced in inspecting your property.

Experience – Every property has a unique condition. And the location is one of the primary conditions. Our technicians at Termite Busters’ are full of experts who have vast experience and extensive knowledge within local environments. They understand the settings in your area. They are also updated with the latest technology trending in the industry, and they utilize the best strategy applicable in controlling Termite infestation.

Inspection Report – After every termite inspection, our technicians provide a comprehensive Inspection report. Termite Busters’ technicians will learn about your property: starting from the environment; to the type of the woods used. Each inspection report has a section for recommendations; it includes options that provide a suitable solution to the condition.

Termite Busters Warranty – At Termite Busters, we offer Warranty that covers our solutions. Our clients rest assured of a long-term preventive and termite control solution.
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The technician will use a variety of tools depending on the inspection for a visual inspection he will use moisture meter, tapping tool, torch, touch and fee. He will go into the roof void each of the rooms, garden, sheds. He will also go under the house and check sub-floors. From his findings he will do a comprehensive report pointing out “high risk” areas that termites could possible attack.

Our Inspection costs vary. Depending on the size of your property, but to give an estimate, the rates range for $175 and $300. In some cases, pest control companies waive the inspection fee if you hire them for general pest control services or deduct the cost of the inspection from other preventive measures.

It is not easy to detect a termite attack. Hiring a pest control expert to inspect your property will guarantee the safety of your property, having an annual termite inspection protects your properties from pest infestation.

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