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Ants coming inside and out of your power outlets can indicate termite problem. They can also damage structures, property and appliances. Get an ant pest control right away!


Termites can produce up to 30,000 live termites for a day. They do damage to your property and it's not covered by insurance. Book your termite inspection today!


Cockroaches have a big breeding cycle and can produce 300 to 400 offspring at once. They can also spread bacteria and cause diseases ranging from food poisoning to typhoid.

Wasps & Bees

Wasps and bees sting to defend themselves, and once you're attacked you may suffer from intense pain and a fatal allergic reaction. Call a pest team to control these insects asap!


A severe flea infestation can lead to allergies, anemia or even kill your pet. They can also cause prolonged itching on human that leads to infections and worsen respiratory illnesses.


Rodents are quick breeders. They can cause lots of harmful diseases, contaminate your food and gnaw on electric cables. Ask us about our pest baiting system!


Birds cause bird litter and bird mites which are dangerous to humans. They carry and may transmit diseases that can be fatal. Ask us about our bird control services.


Spiders are dangerous to children and pets. Redbacks and white-tailed spiders bite and could be lethal if you have a reaction to it. Call a pest team and get rid of them fast!


Possums come inside for shelter. They pee and poo on your ceiling, producing a strong smell over time. During mating season, possums keep you awake at night! Call possum professionals now.

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