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Living with pests is a major situation you should avoid since these destructive animals could cause damage to property, contaminate your food, carry harmful infections and diseases, and even kill your pets. Pests like ants, termites, spiders, cockroaches, birds and possums must be eliminated immediately. In doing so, be sure to get the help of a trusted pest control service for your safety.

Termites are not easily detected by the untrained eye. Often, before you recognize their presence, they’ve already created thousands worth of damage to your property. Get a termite inspection from licensed termite specialists once you see signs of infestation. 

Termite treatment must be done properly with products that do not harm humans, pets and the environment. To stay true to this commitment, we partnered with a trusted brand, Termidor, to treat termites using Termidor Chemical Barrier BASF product with a $2 million 8-year warranty. 

An End of Lease service is required in all Tenancy Agreements in Australia to guarantee that your rented property is free from fleas which have possibly infested your home through your pets. This service is necessary so you can also get your bond payment back.

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