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Need Pest Control Service?

How Dangerous Are Rats?

These rodents are irritating because it can damage your belongings. It can chew soft, concrete, plastic, wood, aluminum and even your wirings at home. The reason behind this is that the teeth of rats are continuously growing longer and longer. That is why rats don’t stop gnawing to incisor their teeth.

As early as five weeks old, rats begin breeding up to the age of two. The female rats that are impregnated usually last about 3 weeks and have at least 6 to 20 babies. 

These rodents can also be carriers of various diseases which bring danger to your health. 

Can you imagine how dangerous it could be if your home is largely infested by these rodents?

Are rats dangerous?

Rats are known to be disease carriers. Almost 40 diseases that have been recorded were rat-related. Some of these are leptospirosis and typhus. Diseases can be transmitted to humans once you get bitten or scratched by these rodents.

Their urine and dirt droppings which can be seen around your home can also bring harm to your health. You can be seriously sick when rats contaminate your food. 

So, having rats around your home can be very alarming. Immediate action must be done. Jay Jay Pest Control Services offers rat control solutions and can help you protect your home. Call us on 0417 065 413.

Can rats attack you?

Rats usually stay away from humans. You can barely see rats in the morning. That is the reason why some people think that their home is free from rats. But you should remember that these rats only need a small space and can pass even in small holes to enter your house.

We tend to do our activities in the morning while rats come out at night where they can feel more safe. You can barely see rats during day time, not unless you have a large infestation in your home or their nests have been disturbed. 

Just like some other wild animals, if the rodent is provoked, it will tend to attack humans in order to get their way out. 

But there are some cases where rats attack humans while sleeping. 

If you have fallen asleep with food residues in your hands, you are surely attracting the rat to lick or chew it while you are asleep. 

What attracts rats to your house?

Just like any other pests, rats need food, water and shelter to survive. One of the perfect places that offers everything is your home. 

  • Food. Leaving your food on the counter unattended or anything that is not properly sealed can attract them. This is the main reason why rats enter your home. 
  • Water. Leak on your pipes or sink can be an attraction to these rodents. Even water on your pet bowls. 
  • Shelter. A warm and covered shelter where rats can be safe from others is what they look for. A clutter and debris in your yard can be a perfect hideout for these rodents. 
  • Trash. This is what rats love the most. It provides food and shelter in one. 
  • Cracks and Holes. Even the smallest holes can be their way of entry to your home. Rats can squeeze themselves to fit in a quarter or half size of a hole.

After knowing the causes of rat infestation, it is important to prevent this now. Jay Jay  Pest Control Services can guarantee clients satisfaction, safety and excellence in providing their effectiveness in service. You can give us a call on 0417 065 413.

How do I track down a rat?

Rats are very secretive. It can actually share a home with you without seeing its presence. But these rats leave marks where you can trace it. Go now and look for these signs.

Rat droppings is one common sign of rat infestation. 

The more droppings you have the bigger the chance of  large infestation at home. You can also see traces of gnawing in wooden materials, around the corner of your doors and even in your ceiling. Grease marks and urine stains can be a sign of rat infestation too.   

How do I get rid of rats in my house fast?

Having rats around your home can bring danger not only to your belongings but to your health as well. If you have a rat problem now, then you must have a mouse problem as well, since it is attracted to the same food source. 

You can try some methods in getting rid of these pests. 

  • Ammonia. The scent of these can lead to their death  So prepare the mixture of ammonia, water and detergent in a bowl then place it in their hideouts.
  • Black Pepper. Aside from the strong scent of pepper, this also brings harm to the lungs of rodents.  
  • Sliced Onions. Feed them with sliced onions and wait till it dies naturally
  • Mothballs. The scent of mothballs can also harm these rodents. You can buy this in any supermarket near you.
  • Peppermint oil. It has a soothing effect to humans but not on these rodents. Once it gets into their lungs, it shrinks and leads to their death.
  • Boric Acid Poison. A mixture of chicken broth and boric acid can attract the rats but eventually can kill them once consumed.

You may wonder where rats and mice go after being poisoned. In most cases, dying rodents go back to their nest and die there. Having a foul odor caused by dead rodents will now be the problem in your home. 

You can use traps so you can easily remove the body because poisoned rats are most likely to be caught in a trap. 

Realize that rats are really dangerous animals that should not live with you in your own house. Imagine all the damage and harm they could bring you. 

Apart from getting sick, you might also be spending money on repair costs (or replacement) when they do severe damage to your house. Don’t allow them to linger any longer. As soon as you spot their presence, act on it at once. 

 For better and safer pest control, call in for help from the experts. Jay Jay Pest Control Services can be reached on 0417 065 413. 

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