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Need Pest Control Service?

Protect Your Home From Cockroaches

Cockroaches have 4,600 species but only 30 are associated with the human environment. In some studies, it shows that 450 can be found in Australia and few are considered pests.

The female roaches can live for 180 estimated days while the male roaches have a lifespan of about 160 days. These pests can be found hiding in your home, especially in the dark and grimy area. It can pass through a tiny gap in your walls or counter and can be a perfect place for roaches’ nests.  

It can also be found under moist areas like drains, water pipes, sinks, etc.

What does a cockroach do?

Cockroaches do bite. It can cause irritation, lesions and swelling. Since roaches are commonly found in grimy areas, it can be a carrier of various diseases which can bring harm to human’s health. It can cause diarrhea, wound infection, food poisoning, allergies and skin rashes.

Actually, roaches are omnivores which eat plants and meat. But in some cases, it bite humans when food source is not available like exposed food or garbage cans. 

Cockroaches can also contaminate your food, especially those left in the open. If you consume contaminated food, this may lead to some health problems, too.

What causes cockroaches in the house?

Roach infestation is one thing we want to avoid in our home. Having cockroaches in our sight makes us uncomfortable. Aside from the damages it can cause in our belongings this can also bring harm to our health. It is dangerous and can cause us sickness which sometimes worsens if not treated at once.

Here are some causes of a roach infestation.

  • Clutter everywhere. Just like any other insects, roaches love to hide. The perfect hideout for them are heaps of clutter. Those piles of magazines, newspapers and even books are a good place to hide. Heaps of laundry on the floor and shelves with piles of goods can also be a perfect hideout.
  • Dirt and grime. Food waste that is not properly disposed can end up to roach infestation. Your home, especially your kitchen is more likely to get infested especially if it is not properly cleaned after preparing or cooking your food. 
  • Unwanted visitors from your neighbors. It is a sad reality that once your neighbors get roaches infestation you should expect the nasty invaders to come into your place. 
  • Food and water Sources. Just like any other insects, cockroaches look for food, water and shelter. Heaps of clutter is a perfect shelter for roaches. Those snacks that are not properly stored can be inviting to them. Leaky faucets, drainage and moist areas are their perfect spot for hideout. 
  • Garbage cans. Leftover food that was thrown away to uncovered garbage cans is very inviting for roaches. They would love to indulge in your trash.

Before it gets worse, hire an expert to give you an effective cockroach control. Jay Jay Pest Control has trained pest control experts that can help you take up the proper measures in getting rid of them. Call us on 0417 065 413.

How do you cockroach proof your house?

  • Proper food storage. Avoid leaving uncovered food. Keep your food in a sealed container.  
  • Clear out the clutter. Keep your home clean always. Do not give them a place where they can hide.
  • Keep your stove free from grease. Regularly clean your stove every after you cook.  
  • Do not leave your garbage cans uncovered. It is much better if you take out your garbage regularly, especially at night. Make sure that your garbage cans are covered well.
  • Inspect and fix. Regular inspections are good to avoid leaks in your faucets or sinks. If there are some leaks, fix them at once. Remember that roaches like moist areas.

By not giving roaches an opportunity to invade, you can avoid your unwanted visitors from coming into your home.

How do I get rid of roaches permanently?

Roaches are common household pest problems. You may have tried all the prevention tips but roaches are still sharing your home. 

Their presence in your home cannot bring comfort.

These pests are persistent and can multiply fast which worsens the situation. This is the reason why getting rid of roaches infestation is really hard. 

Hiring a specialist to terminate these persistent pests in your home is needed. Jay Jay Pest Control Services can provide an effective approach in dealing with your roaches infestation at home. Give us a call on 0417 065 413 and learn more about our services.

What kills a roach instantly?

Are you sick of seeing unwanted invaders at home? Cockroach is the most common household pest. 

Aside from its nasty appearance and foul odor, it also brings harm to your health. Roaches are the best carrier of different types of germs and bacteria since it usually lives on damp areas like drains, sink, garbage cans, etc.

You may wonder why these species keep on coming back even after you tried all the preventive measures. It is very frustrating to share your home with these nasty invaders.

Keep in mind these tips which can kill roaches instantly.

  • Lavender. Roaches have a good sense of smell which they use in finding food or mate. Scent of lavender is what they hate most. So having a lavender plant around your home and making a mixture with lavender essential oil can be a great help.
  • Citrus. Use citrus scent cleaners in your kitchen and bathroom. This is one way of getting these roaches away from that area.
  • Eucalyptus. Fighting the roaches in a natural way is the best approach. The scent of eucalyptus is not inviting to these species. 
  • Bait and traps. Poison kills roaches after 3 days of consumption. So, put it under your sink, cabinets or other possible hideouts of roaches but make sure to keep this away from reach of your children.  
  • Footwear. The best weapon in killing roaches is your shoes or slippers. Do not wait to get your disinfectant spray once you see a roach. Step on it right away. Make sure you will not miss the chance. It can be messy after smashing a roach so make sure to disinfect the area at once. 
  • Boric Acid. The solution with boric acid can dehydrate roaches which leads to death. This is tried and tested but make sure you do the mixture properly because you will lose its effectiveness in getting rid of roaches.

  • Pest Control Team. Getting help from a specialist is the best way to prevent serious infestation at home. Before it worsens the situation do not hesitate to call in the pest control team.

Jay Jay Pest Control Services is fully equipped and highly trained in preventing and terminating pests at home. Call us on 0417 065 413.

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